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Discontent Discontent.png is a value tracked independently for each city. Cities gain or lose Discontent Discontent.png each year from various sources, and can also experience one-time increases or decreases.

Every time a city accumulates 100 Discontent Discontent.png, it gains a Discontent Level, which increases Maintenance Maintenance.png, reduces Growth Growth.png, and decreases the opinion of the city's family [NEED EXACT VALUES]. When a city loses 100 Discontent Discontent.png, its Discontent Level goes down instead (to a minimum of 0).

Yearly changes to Discontent Discontent.png[edit]

  • -3 Discontent.png per Culture Level for the Cathedral improvement of your state religion if it has the Dualism theology
  • -2 Discontent.png in the cities of the Cleric family
  • -2 Discontent.png for a governor with the Righteous or Enemy of the State traits
  • -2 Discontent.png for the Hagia Sophia wonder (requires Legendary culture)
  • -1 Discontent.png for having at least one military unit from the city's family within its borders
  • -1 Discontent.png if your state religion is present in the city
  • -1 Discontent.png in the capital per type of Luxury produced anywhere in your empire when not all of it is sent as a gift
  • -1 Discontent.png with the Tolerance or Monetary Reform laws
  • -1 Discontent.png for the Archive IV, Forum IV, or Treasury IV one-time projects (require Legendary culture)
  • -1 Discontent.png for the Colosseum (tier 3 Theater, requires Strong culture) or Heated Baths (tier 3 Bath, requires Legendary culture) improvements
  • -1 Discontent.png per Luxury produced by the city if your empire contains the Grand Bazaar wonder (requires Legendary culture)
  • +0.5 Discontent.png per missing urban tile; a city ought to have at least 1 urban tile per 2 population (Citizens + Specialists)
  • +1 Discontent.png with the Slavery, Tyranny, or Coin Debasement laws
  • +2 Discontent.png for a governor with the Debauched trait
  • +2 Discontent.png per Upset religion (opinion -1 to -99) present in the city
  • +2 Discontent.png if the city was founded by a different empire.
  • +4 Discontent.png per Angry religion (opinion -100 or lower) present in the city
  • +4 Discontent.png if the city has lost any amount of HP (caused by enemy attacks, fixable with the Repairs project)
  • Difficulty modifier on high difficulties, from +1 Discontent.png at The Good up to +6 Discontent.png at The Great.
  • Some event options add a Project that affects Discontent Discontent.png yearly in either direction

One-time changes to Discontent Discontent.png[edit]

  • -20/-40/-60/-80 Discontent.png respectively for the repeatable projects Festival I/Festival II/Festival III/Festival IV (requires Weak/Developing/Strong/Legendary culture)
  • +10 Discontent.png each time a city is attacked
  • +??? Discontent.png for hurrying production, depending on the amount hurried [NEED EXACT VALUES], if you don't have the Monetary Reform law
  • Some event options add or subtract Discontent Discontent.png
  • Some event options directly increase or decrease Discontent Level (effectively gaining or losing some multiple of 100 Discontent Discontent.png)