Debugging your mod

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Debugging your Mod

Workflow is the following:

- Make sure you use a TEST build Old World Version - Make sure you have in OPTIONS the DEBUG MODE turned on

- Launch the game with YOUR_MOD activated (preferably no other activated). Or launch, activate and go back to start screen. - Check the Your_game_working_dir/Test/Logs/output.txt for errors:

From @Solver in #modding channel on Old World Discord :

To get a mod working, look at your output.txt log. Look at the first error and fix it, then the next one, then the next one. As long as there are errors, it's definitely not working right.

Here you first error is :

00:03 - [Infos] Unable to find CharacterType 'CHARACTER_XXX' while parsing NationType

You need to learn to interpret these. Generally, "XType" is from x.xml. Errors of the pattern "unable to find X while parsing Y" mean that your X is referred to but doesn't exist. So here, it's parsing NationTypes, that means nation.xml (or nation-add.xml). It refers to CHARACTER_XXX, who should be a CharacterType (character-add.xml) but probably doesn't exist there.

The second error is

00:03 - [Infos] Unable to find NameType 'NAME_YYY' while parsing NationType

So what's missing is a NameType (thus in name-add.xml) for NAME_YYY, and there's a reference to it in nation-add.xml