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A Major nations' Council consists of 3 positions that characters can be assigned to, depending on their Archetype. Every council member provide different nation-wide bonuses based on their Character Stats, which also affect their success rate at missions.

  • Assigning a charcter as a council member costs 100Civics.png civics and 2Orders.png orders. The respective nation-wide bonuses apply immediately and the character is ready to undertake a mission.
  • While the character stays in the council it will have a +40 Opinion modifier towards the leader and gain 5 XP per turn.
  • Each council member can undertake one mission at a time. Missions cost __ and take 2-3 turns to complete. When a council member completes a mission, it gains another 20 XP.


  • Required Technology: Aristocracy
  • Must be of type: Commander, Diplomat or Orator
  • For each Wisdom point: +10 Foreign nations opinion
  • For each Charisma point: +2Civics.png civics
  • For each Courage point: +10 Tribes opinion
  • For each Discipline point: +1Growth.png growth
  • Missions: Player Peace, Player Truce, Tribal Peace, Tribal Truce, Demand Tribute, Trade Mission, High Synod


  • Required Technology: Spoked Wheel
  • Must be of type: Builder, Judge, Zealot
  • For each Wisdom point: +1Culture.png Culture/Turn in all cities
  • For each Charisma point: +10 Family Opinion
  • For each Courage point: +3Training.png Training/Turn
  • For each Discipline point: +6Money.png Money/Turn
  • Missions: Family Gifts, Pacify City, Imprison


  • Required Technology: Portcullis
  • Must be of type: Schemer, Scholar or Tactician
  • Allows creation of Agent Network in Foreign Cities
  • For each Wisdom point: +1 Science
  • For each Charisma point: +10 Religion Opinion
  • For each Courage point: -0.5Discontent.png/Turn in all cities
  • For each Discipline point: +0.5Orders.png
  • Missions: Infiltrte Nation, Slander Nation, Steal Research, Assasinate