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Ambitions are goals dynamically generated through events and the personal desires of each leader. Victory is achieved when an empire fulfills 10 ambitions. Some ambitions may turn into LEGACY ambitions; these are ambitions of your previous ruler which may still be finished.

List of ambitions[edit]

City-related ambitions[edit]

  • Control four cities
  • Control six lumbermills
  • Control six festivals
  • Control seven wonders

Religion-related ambitions[edit]

  • Establish mythology
  • Found Religion

Military-related ambitions[edit]

  • Kill ten enemy units
  • Control two Camel Riders
  • Clear four Barbarian dwellings

Technology-related ambitions[edit]

  • Discover Six Techs
  • Discover two specific Techs

Resource-related ambitions[edit]

  • Produce 800 iron

Reign-related ambitions[edit]

  • Establish 4 courtiers